New western red cedar deck

Joseph K · Aug 9, 2021, 13:12

Hello! I am very happy to find this site with a lot of valuable information and products!

I recently finished new western red cedar deck about 250 sqf. From all the information here, I will follow steps below to finish and protect my deck. If you could please review and let me know if anything wrong and/or added.

  1. Wait for 4-6 weeks to dry out.
  2. Sand areas as needed or all surfaces?
  3. Blow out dust and debris
  4. Apply 2 coats of Preo Zero or Pro-Tek-Tor DR

Can you recommend which product is better as I want to keep the original cedar colour and I plan re-apply the same product every 3-4 years without sanding again?

Also, as I live in Winnipeg, the temperature in Oct will be around 5-10. Is it ok to apply the product?

Thank you for running this great company!


Marilyn · Technical Support · Aug 9, 2021, 14:23


Thanks for the kind words!

Steps indicated are good.

As you have indicated that you will only be doing this in October, we would recommend using the Broda Pro-Tek Tor DR. It is more forgiving in those tempertures.

Also we would like to advise that it is very important that you completely sand using 80 grit paper for absolute best results.

We highly recommend getting Broda color samples to help make the right choice. This is a big investement of time and money afterall, it's important to get it right :)

Hope this helps!


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