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Behlen Buffer's Polish is an extremely fine buffing agent. Buffer's Polish buffs out minor imperfections in a cured finish. It contains no waxes, silicone or harsh abrasives, and will yield a very high gloss finish.

Behlen Buffer's Polish can be hand buffed with a soft cloth or a low speed buffer.

How to Use

  • Place an adequate amount of Buffer's Polish on a soft cloth or buffing pad.
  • Lightly apply Buffer's Polish to the cured finish in a circular motion.
  • Buff out the finish with applicator moving with the direction of the grain.
  • Wipe off Buffer's Polish residue with a clean rag. If the desired result has not been achieved, repeat steps 2-4.
  • [Optional]: Apply a coat of Behlen Oz Polish or Blue Label Paste Wax.


Category Restoration
Brand Behlen
Size 473 ml
Sold Since April 2, 2014

Aliphatic petroleum distillates, crystalline sillica, organoclay, ethylene glycol


660 g/L


No Odor


Colored viscous liquid


Keep away from heat, sparks and flames.

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So nice to work with

Gabriel Rowley · Aug 7, 2018

I ordered this in hopes it would be a good way to finish off my nitro finish. I applied it using a rag and some elbow grease. It worked beautifully. It elevated my final finish beyond measure. HIGHLY recommend!


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