EM7000 High-build Lacquer by Emtech

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The EM7000 Series has been temporarily withdrawn from our site due to production issues incurred by the manufacturer There is no date available for the return of the products. Alternative options are the Mohawk EnduraGreen Clear Interior Waterborne Acrylic Clear Topcoat or the Ardec Polyclear - Clear Polyurethane Laquer.

The EM7000 High-Build lacquer is a non-yellowing, hydrocarbon solvent free water-based acrylic lacquer made from ultra clear polymer resins. EM7000 provides a self-leveling finish, for both commercial and industrial projects.

EM7000 is a fast drying lacquer which forms a translucent film once dried.

The EM7000 High-Build lacquer offers a unique adhesion that allows it to bond with a variety of surfaces such as synthetic wood surfaces, carbon fiber, PVC and ferrous and nonferrous metals.
EM7000 provides a crystal clear finish, perfect as a top coat on painted surfaces.

  • Suitable for LEED® projects
  • Contains no formaldehyde, phthalates or lead
  • Low odor, water clean up
  • Easy to apply, dries quickly
  • Does not turn yellow
  • High solid content
  • Self-leveling
  • Enhances the color of natural and dyed woods
  • Increased resistance to abrasion and household products
  • Mild, non-annoying odour
  • Excellent transparency

EM7000 HBL replaces SuperClear 9000 which has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Directions for use


  • All surfaces to be finished must be clean and free of oil, dust and contamination that may cause fisheyes or poor adhesion. Clean surface with denatured alcohol or fresh water. Allow surface to thoroughly dry before proceeding. Fine sand surface to be finished with the appropriate grade sandpaper based on the type of final finish required.
  • If the surface to be finished has a grain-filling type glaze, sealer or paste, ensure that the systems are compatible with one another by preparing a test panel before proceeding.
  • Certain solvent-based fillers and glazes may prevent proper adhesion of the topcoat if not thoroughly cured. Ensure that grain fillers have been sanded with a minimum of 400-grit sandpaper and all contamination is removed. Oil-Based glazes should be air-dried and tested to ensure proper early adhesion of the water-based topcoat.
  • Mix the product thoroughly.
  • Can be fortified with 2 to 5% of CL100 Cross-Linker


  • Apply the lacquer using HVLP, Conventional or Airless/Air-assist spray equipment. Consult with your spray gun manufacturer for proper gun set-ups based on coating viscosity and intended use
  • Spray gun operators must wear a NIOSHA approved respirator during the spray application of this material. Consult the Material Safety data Sheet of this material for safety and health procedures.
  • The product can be used without being diluted with water or with the SA5 Retarder. However, the use of SA5 can be useful to slow down the drying time of the lacquer when applying in warm temperature.
  • Reduce the EM7000 lacquer upwards to 50% with water if lacquer is to be used as a pre-stain sealer or tie-coat between stain or dye coats to prevent color bleed.
  • Apply a first coat and let dry 30 to 45 minutes. Apply a second coat and let dry for 30 to 45 minutes. Repeat the operation until you obtain the desired finish.
  • Sanding between each coat is not necessary unless contamination has effected the film formation, or if the last coat has dried for more then 24 hours. In this case, sand with 600-grit sandpaper to remove surface imperfections, runs, sags and contamination.
  • EM7000 can be polished to a variety of sheens with the use of modern polishing products designed for acrylic applications.


  • HVLP Spray gun : 1.3 -1.5mm needle.
  • Air-Assisted Airless: .09 - .11 tip set.
  • Airless: Fine tip set.

Number of coats:

2 coats minimum. Multiple coats can be applied.

Drying time:

30-45 minutes between coats.


Classification Wood Lacquers
Brand Emtech
Sold Since March 21, 2019

Water, Acrylic Copolymer Resin, Dipropylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether, Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether

  • 105 sq feet per liter
  • 400 sq feet per gallon





Water, SA5 Retarder, CL100 Cross-Linker


Acrylic odor


Translucent liquid


Keep in an hermetic container at room temperature.

Tools cleaning

Soapy water


Compatible with Target Coatings SA5 retarder and CL100 Cross-Linker.


Semi-Gloss, Satin, Gloss


Clear / Non-Yellowing

  • HVLP Spray gun : 1.3 -1.5mm needle.
  • Air-Assisted Airless: .09 - .11 tip set.
  • Airless: Fine tip set.
Freeze/thaw stability

Avoid too many freeze-thaw cycles. If the product has frozen, allow the product to thaw at room temperature for 48 hours without stirring.

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