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Vermeister Aqua Tenax is a two component waterborne floor sealer featuring a high level insulating capacity, excellent coverage, good sandability and ease of application. The most important feature of this sealer is that it minimizes problems of overlapping.

Aqua Tenax has been formulated to give a pleasant shade to the wood without causing unwanted changes to the colour of those woods rich in tannin and other water soluble staining substances (oak, teak…).

Thanks to its high level of solid content, Aqua Tenax can be used in combination with the two component finishes in the Vermeister Innovation range, to carry out two coat finishing cycles.

  • Low environmental impact
  • High build property
  • Good sandability
  • Low emission
  • Minimizes overlapping
  • Ideal for 2 coat cycles

For Professional Use Only

Directions for use


Sand and fill the floor using a 120/150 grit for the finish. To fill the floor, Vermeister Zero Filler can be used.

Mix the two components carefully and apply to the floor.

To ensure the application is uniform, the first coat should be applied against the grain and then crossed and spread in the direction of the grain of the wood.

The product can be diluted with water up to 10%.


  • Low temperatures, high level humidity and poor air circulation can increase drying times.
  • Do not put any leftover product back into the container
  • Mix the two components carefully in a flat bottomed container.
  • Then use the special bags provided to dip the roller into the product.
  • Do not apply the product below 10°C or above 30°C.
  • Stir well before use
  • Store above freezing


Classification Wood Varnishes
Brand Vermeister
Sold Since February 21, 2018
Drying Time
  • Dry for sanding: 12 hours
  • Overcoating without sanding: After 3 hours within 6 hours
  • 90 à 105 sq ft per liter
  • 350 à 400 sq ft per gallon

85 g / L




Water, max 10%

Shelf Life

12 months - In original, unopened containers stored in a cool, dry

Tools cleaning



Roller (10 mm), poly/nylon brush

Freeze/thaw stability

Avoid too many freeze-thaw cycles. If the product has frozen, allow the product to thaw at room temperature for 48 hours without stirring.

Mix Ratio


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