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Liquid Plastic 1:1 by EcoPoxy


Ecopoxy Plastic Liquid is an epoxy ideal for casting, encapsulating, and other applications requiring a high level of transparency. It is non-toxic and safe.

Liquid Plastic features a long work time and a low temperature cure, giving you plenty of time to perfect your project. Liquid Plastic has virtually no odour and can be used indoors without ventilation or bulky respiration equipment.

  • Ideal for casting, encapsulating
  • Can be poured at any desired thickness
  • UV resistant, does not yellow
  • Crystal clear
  • High bio-content
  • Easy to use & low odour
  • 100% solids

Liquid Plastic Kit includes a resin (Part A) and a hardener (Part B). Liquid Plastic 1 litre includes 500 ml of resin and 500 ml of hardener.

Liquid Plastic 1:1 does not cure very hard and can be poured at any desired thickness. FlowCast® Casting Epoxy cures harder and is recommended for woodworking such as river tables.

Liquid Plastic is not recommended for thin applications or coating wood, use UVPoxy Clear Coating Epoxy instead for this kind of application.

Directions for use

Read this before using the kit

Check to make sure the resin (part A) is CRYSTAL CLEAR. If it is - go ahead and use. RESIN NOT CLEAR? DO NOT MIX!

Occasionally, resin (part A) can build up crystallization and/or gel, which makes the resin cloudy. Don’t worry, there’s an easy fix! Heat up the resin to make it clear and liquid again.

  1. Put the whole jug into hot water until the resin reaches 50°C or 122°F. You can use other methods of heating as well, as long as they don’t melt the container.
  2. Allow the product to cool to room temperature before using. The warmer the resin, the shorter the working time.

Mixing Instructions:

In a clean, dry container; combine (by volume) 1 part resin with 1 part hardener, and mix thoroughly for 2 minutes.

Application Instructions:

Working area should be clean & dry, and free of dust and insects. Settling dust can cause blemishes on the glossy surface.

Step 1 - Seal Coating Objects:

Using a foam brush, apply a thin layer of Liquid Plastic to any porous object or surface to be encapsulated. This thin layer will seal pores in the object, preventing bubbles from forming during step 2. (This step is only necessary when using porous materials.) Paper items such as pictures, maps, etc., can be cast or encapsulated in Liquid Plastic. While most photo quality paper doesn't require any special brush, apply a solution of 4 parts white glue to 1 part water. Two coats are recommended. Allow 4-8 hours dry time before pouring Liquid Plastic.

Step 2 - The Pour:

Liquid Plastic can be poured at any desired thickness. Il will flow and self level. Note: Slightly warmed Resin will have better flow and air release properties.


This material leaves professional results when applied correctly so take your time and make sure you are aware of these common problems we have seen encountered by first time users.

  1. Always make sure that your mixing container is clean and your measuring device is accurate, this product REQUIRES that you mix at a 1 to 1 ratio by volume, any variances from this can cause the Liquid Plastic to stay soft and not fully cure.

  2. This product requires THOROUGH mixing, typically between 4 to 5 minutes of mixing without excessive whipping of the mixture (whipping will introduce air bubbles into the epoxy). Mixing 4 liters at a time can require up to 6 to 7 minutes of mixing. Beginners should never attempt to mix more than 4 liters total per batch, 2 liters per batch is suggested until you are comfortable whit how the product works.

  3. After the two components are poured together and stirring begins the mixture will turn a cloudy white color, this represents areas in which the epoxy has not fully combined. You must continue to mix until all signs of cloudiness and tiny white lines have completely disappeared (typically takes 4-5 minutes of thorough mixing).

  4. Always scrape the sides of your mixing container and also the stick during the 4-5 minutes of mixing. If UNMIXED epoxy remains on the side of the container or the stick it will cause wet spots on your finished product.

  5. While pouring Liquid Plastic onto a surface NEVER scrape the container to remove every last drop, no matter how thorough you mix there will always be an unmixed drop on the side of the container that will leave a wet spot.

Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In event of skin contact, rinse thoroughly with water. In event of contact with eyes, rinse with water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention. Do not ingest, If ingested, seek medical attention immediately. Do not induce vomiting.

Material Calculator

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Classification Epoxy Resins for Wood
Brand EcoPoxy
Sold Since May 7, 2018
Drying Time
  • Work Time: 8 hours
  • Cure Time: 72 hours
  • Set to Touch: 24 hours

Depends on temperature, humidity and volume


0 g / L






Clear Viscous Liquid


10-25°C (50-77°F) Recommended

Tools cleaning

Denatured Alcohol



Freeze/thaw stability


Recommended Surfaces

Wood, Metal, Concrete, Granite, Copper, Stainless Steel, Laminate, Formica, Bamboo, Leather, Ceramic, Fiberglass, Plastic, Rocks, Artwork, Photos, Sea Shells, Fabrics, Paper, Dried Plants & much more.

Mix Ratio

1:1 by volume

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