Aluminum Cup (1 Qt.) for 2042 assembly by Fuji Spray

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Non teflon (2041) is recommended for everything except some water-based coatings that may stain the cup.

Teflon coated (2041T) is for use with some corrosive water-based coatings. Not for use with Nitro-Cellulose Lacquers.

As off September 2019 all bottom feed Fuji Spray Guns come assembled with the 2095 cup assembly. Prior to September 2019 the bottom feed spray guns were assembled with the 2042 cup assembly.


Non teflon - 2041
$30.49 In stock
Teflon coated - 2041T
$34.99 In stock


Classification Spray Equipment / Accessories
Brand Fuji Spray
Sold Since February 8, 2019


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