Canadian products Broda are ready for the summer season.

Mathieu Beaulieu · Customer Service · Jul 26, 2013, 08:52


Broda is a product line made by the company CBR, established in British Columbia. Broda product line is the reflect of many years of experience in exterior and interior wood finishing.

Designed to resist the hardest conditions, Broda products are low in VOC and entirely user and environmentally friendly. It provides a professional and durable finish to any wood surface.

Broda product line consists of :

Pro-Tek-Tor SLT

Pro-Tek-Tor SLT is a colored water and natural oils based finish, deeply penetrating, that doesn’t mask the wood grain. Specially designed for exterior and interior vertical surfaces. Pro-Tek-Tor SLT

Pro-Tek-Tor DR

Pro-Tek-Tor DR is a product designed to resist to the hardest weather conditions. This colored water and natural oils based finishing product allow to protect any wood horizontal surfaces. Pro-Tek-Tor DR

Clarity WS

Clarity WS is an interior water based finish for wood, stone and concrete. Made of tiny acrylic particles, Clarity WS provide wood surfaces with a flexible, shinny and protective finish. Clarity WS


Pro-Thane is a fortified acrylic and water based polyurethane formula. Pro-Thane gives the wood a durable and resistant finish. Pro-Thane


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