Osmo decking oil over Osmo UV

James LaRocca · Aug 24, 2019, 14:27

I'm making an outdoor bench from walnut. The description of OSMO UV Oil says that it shouldn't be used on horizontal surfaces where water may sit and soak in. It says use the decking oil on horizontal surfaces for water resistance. Before realizing this I applied a coat of UV oil for its 12x UV protection. Is it possible to apply a coat of OSMO decking oil over the UV oil to get both the 12x UV protection and the water resistance or am I stuck sanding and starting over.

Marilyn · Technical Support · Aug 27, 2019, 09:47

Hi James,

Yes, you will need to start over.

Using an 80-grain sanding paper to remove all traces of the UV oil then finishing with 120 grain sanding paper.

Make sure your surface is clean and free of dust and dirt then all you need to apply in the Osmo Decking-Oil.



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