Water Based Dye Stain by General Finishes

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This product is sensitive to freezing.

General Finishes Water Based Dye Stains are unique, ultra-penetrating stains designed to work like solvent based stains. They exhibit excellent transparency, color, & clarity.

General Finishes Water Based Dye Stains' deep rich tones enhance the wood grain and produce vibrant colours especially woods like cherry, walnut and maple. They can also be used as a toner when mixed with General Finishes water based topcoats.

Maple is used on the left side, and oak is used on the right side of each picture.

Colors shown are for information purposes only: Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor differences.

Direction for use

Preparation: To insure surfaces are clean of all grease and oils and smooth enough for staining, sand all surfaces with the grain using #120 and finishing with #220 grit paper. Remove dust.


  • Stir well prior to use.
  • General Finishes Dye Stains can be applied with foam brush, rag, pad applicator or spray. If applied by spray application you have the option of spray no wipe. Spray the surface evenly and let the stain dry completely.
  • A second coat of stain will darken the colour. It is essential to use liberal amounts of stain to insure easy workability.
  • Stain complete section (a side, top, or drawer) and wipe off excess evenly with a clean, dry cloth before starting next section.
  • Light buffing of the stain coat is not recommended but optional. Be careful not to buff through the stain, particularly on the edges. Use a super fine sanding pad or #320 or higher grit sandpaper.

Dry Time: Dry time is normally 2-4 hours under ideal conditions (70°F or 21°C, 70% humidity). Cooler temperatures and higher humidity will prolong drying time up to 8-10 hours.

Top Coats: All top coats (water based, solvent based, lacquer based) work well over General Finishes Water Based Wood Stains.


473 ml · Amber $29.95 In stock
473 ml · Blue $29.95 In stock
473 ml · Cinnamon $29.95 In stock
473 ml · Dark Brown $29.95 In stock
473 ml · Ebony $29.95 In stock
473 ml · Empire Red $29.95 In stock
473 ml · Green $29.95 In stock
473 ml · Light Brown $29.95 In stock
473 ml · Medium Brown $29.95 In stock
473 ml · Merlot $29.95 In stock
473 ml · Orange $29.95 In stock
473 ml · Pewter $29.95 In stock
473 ml · Reducer (Base) $29.95 In stock
473 ml · Vintage Cherry $29.95 Out of stock
473 ml · Yellow $29.95 In stock
946 ml · Amber $42.95 In stock
946 ml · Blue $42.95 In stock
946 ml · Cinnamon $42.95 In stock
946 ml · Dark Brown $42.95 In stock
946 ml · Ebony $42.95 In stock
946 ml · Empire Red $42.95 In stock
946 ml · Green $42.95 In stock
946 ml · Light Brown $42.95 In stock
946 ml · Medium Brown $42.95 In stock
946 ml · Merlot $42.95 In stock
946 ml · Orange $42.95 In stock
946 ml · Pewter $42.95 In stock
946 ml · Reducer (Base) $42.95 In stock
946 ml · Vintage Cherry $42.95 In stock
946 ml · Yellow $42.95 In stock
3.78 L · Light Brown $69.95 In stock
3.78 L · Vintage Cherry $69.95 In stock


Classification Wood Stains and Dyes
Brand General Finishes
  • 473 ml
  • 946 ml
  • 3.78 L
Sold Since March 26, 2014

120-160 sq feet per litre


< 240 g / L depending on the color. Consult the




If necessary, can be thinned with 10-20% water


Protect from freezing. Do not use the product if it has frozen.

Tools cleaning

Warm, soapy water


All water based, solvent based or lacquer based top coats are compatible with General Finishes Water Based Wood Stains.


How many coats of General Finishes Water Based Dye stain should I apply?

It is generally recommended to apply two coats to achieve a consistent result and a vibrant color intensity. This Water Based Dye Stain can be applied with a Spray Gun in a thin coat, making criss-cross passes.

When the Dye Stain is sprayed, it is not necessary to wipe it off, just let it dry and apply additional coats if needed. It is important not to apply too many coats, as this could compromise the details of the chosen wood that you want to highlight.

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Water based dye stain General Finishes

Ralf Hakenberg · May 9, 2021

Superb product. Stains are bright and vibrant and easy to apply

Dye Stain

June Coll · Mar 5, 2021

Great product

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