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Solar-Lux™ Stain is a dye base, non-grain raising stain which is also highly fade and U.V. resistant. Its colorful transparency and deep penetration enhances wood's natural beauty. Solar-Lux Stains can be mixed together in order to achieve customized shades. They dry in approximately 5 minutes and can be coated with varnish, polyurethane, oil or conventional lacquer. Solar-Lux added to lacquers will provide a high-quality toner that deepens colors without painting or clouding the finish.

To dilute use Solar-Lux Reducer. To slow drying use Solar-Lux Retarder.


Colors shown are for information purposes only: Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor differences.

Directions for use

Solar-Lux Stain may be brushed, wiped, or spray-applied (30-35 psi). Apply Pre-Stain Clear Wood Stain Base to the wood before brush or wipe application to promote even staining. Solar-Lux Stain may also be added to lacquer for shading.

To dilute use Solar-Lux Reducer. To slow drying use Solar-Lux Retarder.


473 ml · American Walnut $29.75 In stock
473 ml · Blood Red
SKU: M520-2455
$29.75 In stock
473 ml · Brown Maple
SKU: M520-2365
$29.75 In stock
473 ml · Cherry
SKU: M520-4085
$29.75 In stock
473 ml · Dark Green $29.75 In stock
473 ml · Golden Fruitwood $29.75 In stock
473 ml · Hickory $29.75 In stock
473 ml · Jet Black
SKU: M520-2245
$29.75 In stock
473 ml · Lemon Yellow $29.75 In stock
473 ml · Light Brown Mahogany $29.75 Out of stock
473 ml · Light Red Mahogany
SKU: M520-2185
$29.75 In stock
473 ml · Medium Brown Mahogany $29.75 In stock
473 ml · Medium Brown Walnut
SKU: M520-2075
$29.75 In stock
473 ml · Medium Red Mahogany $29.75 In stock
473 ml · Medium Wheat $29.75 In stock
473 ml · Nutmeg brown $29.75 In stock
473 ml · Sea Blue $29.75 In stock
473 ml · Van Dyke Brown
SKU: M520-14785
$29.75 In stock


Category Stains
Brand Behlen
Size 473 ml
Sold Since April 3, 2014

Acetone, Propylene Glycol, Ethanol, Water


35 to 50 sq ft / L


844.67 g/L




Alcohol Odor


Tinted liquid


Keep away from heat, sparks and flame.

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Great Product

Jeff Benoot · May 19, 2018

I have used this stuff for violin/musical instrument repairs for years. I have refinished violins with this product as well. It brings out the wood grain like you wouldn't believe. Ardec did a great job getting it to me in a timely manner.

Wood Stain

DOMNIC MELINO · Dec 1, 2017

Great Stain to blend walnut!

service and product

June Coll · Oct 16, 2016

Service was super, got my product within 2 days of ordering.

Product was also great



Jay Cabanas · Jan 16, 2015

As somebody who generally stains or leaves a project natural this is only the second dye I've ever used. In comparison to the last dye this one is absolutely fabulous in both application, coverage and appearance. I couldn't be happier. This Solar-Lux jet black product will definitely become my go to product when I want an ebonized finish. Not to mention the ordering process was simple and delivery as expected only improvement would be a tracking number and an order update once shipped.


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