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946 ml
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Vinyl Sealer develops an excellent moisture barrier for the wood substrate, while providing a good base for all Behlen lacquer finishes. It is an excellent sealer choice for [Stringed Instrument Lacquer]. It is ready-to-spray, no catalyst or further reduction is required.

Directions for use

Mix well before using. Vinyl Sealer may be applied over raw wood or filled and stained substrates. Surface should be finish ready (at least 150 grit smoothness and dust free).

Apply a wet, uniform coat of Vinyl Sealer. Allow at least one hour dry time. Scuff sand to 320 grit smoothness. Remove all dust. A second coat of Vinyl Sealer may be used on raw wood. Apply desired lacquer finish.


Category Lacquers
Brand Behlen
Size 946 ml
Sold Since November 14, 2017

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