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100% Plant-Based Cutting Board & Butcher Block Oil made exclusively from renewable ingredients. A natural alternative to petroleum based mineral oil commonly used for cutting boards & butcher blocks.

Condition your wooden kitchenware without petroleum mineral oil!

Ideal for: Wooden Cutting Boards, Wooden Butcher Blocks, Bamboo Kitchenware, Wooden Kitchen Utensils, Wooden Salad Bowls

  • 100% natural
  • Mineral oil free

✓ PREVENTS DRYING & CRACKING | Designed to penetrate deep into wood fibers to moisturize and condition. Prolongs the life of wood and bamboo kitchenware by preventing cracking due to over drying.

✓ CLEANS & ELIMINATES ODOURS | Enhanced with a proprietary blend of pure essential oils that help to naturally eliminate odour causing bacteria, without transferring onto food. Makes cleaning easier by creating a finish that prevents food from drying and getting stuck onto the wood.

✓ DOES NOT GO RANCID | Made with a solvent-less, refined coconut oil base that has had it’s long-chain fatty acids removed. As a result, the oil stays in a liquid state and will not go rancid like common cooking oils.

Directions for Use

Wash your wooden cutting board or butcher block & allow to dry. Apply a teaspoon of Cutting Board Oil and spread the oil using a clean microfiber cloth, allow to dry for 30 minutes. Additional coats may be required for new or dry wood. For best results, add a waterproof finish using Cutting Board Wax.


8 fl oz (236 ml) $15.95 In stock
1 gallon (3.85 L) $119.95 In stock


Classification Oils & Oil Finishes for Wood
Brand Caron & Doucet
  • 8 fl oz (236 ml)
  • 1 gallon (3.85 L)
Sold Since March 6, 2020

Refined Coconut Oil, Proprietary Blend of Pure Essential Oils.


Morin-Heights, Canada

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