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Enduro-Var by General Finishes


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Enduro-Var is the latest innovation in self crosslinking water based urethanes. Enduro-Var combines the durability and warm amber look of traditional solvent based urethanes with quick drying, low odor and water clean up. It is designed for brush or spray application and is self sealing. Designed for floors, furniture and cabinets, Enduro-Var dries very quickly for sanding and re-coating.

Enduro-Var is not suitable over white finishes due to amber hue.

Directions for Use


On raw wood, sand with the grain using #120 and finishing with #220 grit paper. On stained wood, sanding with #320 or finer paper or buffing with a buffing pad is optional. Do not sand through the stain.


  • Stir well, prior to use.
  • Using a foam brush or paint pad applicator, apply Enduro-Var liberally using smooth, even strokes going with the grain.
  • Use enough material to provide a wet film. Do not over brush. Apply and move on.
  • Sand between coats using #320-#400 grit paper or extra fine to super fine sanding pads. Remove dust before recoating.
  • A minimum of 3 coats is recommended. Additional coats may be applied to increase durability and depth.

Dry Time

Dry time is normally 2-4 hours under ideal conditions (70°F or 21°C, 70% humidity). Cooler temperatures and higher humidity will prolong drying time up to 8-10 hours.

Important Notes

Enduro-Var is self-sealing. Do not use over Shellac or any other sanding sealer. Oil based stains must be completely dry before using a water based top coat. Wait a minimum of 48 hours before applying.


Classification Wood Varnishes
Brand General Finishes
  • 946 ml
  • 3.78 L
Sold Since March 26, 2014

125-150 sq ft / L


< 250 g / L




Protect from Freezing. Do not use the product if it has frozen.

Tools cleaning

Warm, soapy water

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Andre Marques · Feb 5, 2020

It is a very nice finish but way to expensive.


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